About the Novel

Perdicium, a powerful and ambitious realm, has launched the world into an apocalyptic war in its quest to find ancient artifacts used to obtain ultimate power. A world that had long forgotten the truth of ancient rulers and the 5 realms of Ethos, Zion, Perdicium, Avalon, and Olympus must now come to grips with a newly discovered truth.

Damian has turned on his friend Michael of Ethos and joined Perdicium in their quest for power. Michael looks to Zion and their leader Shane as he struggles with learning just how powerful he truly can be. Michael is convinced there is a way to save his friend and turn back the apocalypse but will the struggle to do what is right, lead to far more disastrous consequences?

A New Twist

Follow Michael, Shane, and Damian in their struggle forged by the end of days. Shades of Destiny is a new twist on the post-apocalyptic genre where the lessons learned could rewrite the story of the past, present, and future. It asks the question: 

What if you had the ability to see into a past long forgotten to aid you in the future?  Would you find a way to right the wrongs or would doing so unravel the world you knew?

Coming Soon

Find out what action, adventure, and history, lies ahead.  Want a sneak peek into the world of Shades of Destiny? Click the link at the bottom of this website, like the Facebook page and follow it to receive exclusive opportunities and updates about the upcoming book release.


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